Sustainable social networking services for transport.

The Consortium

The research & development project SUNSET is part of the European Commission’s Seventh Framework program Smart Cities & Sustainability (DG Connect) and consists of 9 partners from 4 European countries.

The consortium of the SUNSET project covers the complete value-chain that is needed for the objectives of the project. The consortium consists of an internet mobility-application provider (LocatieNet), a municipality that owns traffic information and will be running a living lab to stimulate citizens to smart sustainable travel choices (ENSCHEDE), a small company focussing on sustainability and environmental performance aspects of systems (ECO2WIN) and a large mobile operator (DOCOMO) who brings expertise in mobile (multimedia) solutions and web technologies.

In addition, several well-known European research institutes on ICT applications (NOVAY), on mobility systems (Queen Mary University London, University of Leeds), traffic safety (University of Twente), and environmental studies (Viktoria unstitute) complement the consortium.

Together, the collaboration partners in the SUNSET consortium provide complementary expertise and capabilities to achieve the ambitious project objectives.

Novay is the national ICT research centre of the Netherlands and coordinator of the SUNSET project. Novay is a unique partnership of organisations from business, science, and governmental agencies. It initiates, develops and introduces innovative ICT solutions through multi-partner projects carried out in industries such as media, wellbeing, finance, and public services. Novay’s objective is to rapidly bundle the scientific knowledge of research institutes and the know-how of businesses and translate it into market-oriented ICT technologies, applications and solutions. Novay has extensive experience in developing, leading, and contributing to large-scale (inter)national multi-partner RTD programmes. Novay also has an elaborate track record in European R&D projects. Novay will use its expertise and skills in context-aware mobile applications, pervasive computing, automatic user profiling and user experience studies to contribute to SUNSET.

DoCoMo Euro-Labs (DoCoMo) was established in November 2000 in Munich, Germany, in order to conduct research on leading mobile communications technologies that can respond to the requirements of a highly advanced multimedia age. The S3 (Smart Service Solution) group that participates in SUNSET has a strong experience in providing cutting edge applications that integrate different aspects such as mobile clients, web portals and application servers to collect and analyse users data.  In addition, DOCOMO EuroLabs and S3 in particular has a strong experience in security, and access control directed to privacy protection and usage control of data once the information has been propagated. Furthermore, DoCoMo Eurolabs is very active in standardization activities in many standardization bodies. Docomo will use its expertise and skills in context-aware mobile applications, privacy & auser control and social media to contribute to SUNSET.

QMUL is one of the four large Colleges of the federal University of London and was ranked 13th out of 200 its recent national  research assessment exercise. Its School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS) has achieved prominence in research and teaching. QMUL is a highly experienced participant, technical manger and coordinator of EU FP5, FP6 and FP7 IST projects. It has coordinated or led core workpackages a significant number of advanced mobility system projects. QMUL will use its expertise and skills in context-aware mobile applications, middleware and decision support systems to contribute to SUNSET.

The Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) at the University of Leeds is the largest academic research group in the transport field in the UK, and one of the largest internationally. The ITS mission is to advance the understanding of global transport and to develop skills in transport professionals, which is achieved from a unique inter-disciplinary perspective. ITS’ reputation for excellence is world-wide. Recently, ITS has been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education for 40 years sustained excellence in transport research and teaching. ITS will use its expertise and skills in the design and execution of the empirical work of incentives and the evaluation methodology to contribute to SUNSET.

The company ECO2WIN started as a spin-off company from industry research performed at Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden.  ECO2WIN support industries with implementing environment and sustainability in their business and product development and daily operation, mainly with an information and informatics perspective.  ECO2WIN has specific deep and successful experience and competence from developing practical and useful performance indicators, with emphasis on sustainability and environment, but also on more general domains such as social systems and functional performance of technical systems.

LOCATIENET provides location centric services for the B2B and B2C market in theNetherlands. Locatienet was founded in 1996 and since 2000 part of PTV-AG in Germany. LOCATIENET currently expands its commercial services  to provide more accurate travel time predictions based on historical and real time data. Additionally services are developed to give travel advice on trips that fit a in a regular (commuting) pattern. LOCATIENET will use its experience and skills in mobile client development and to provide core services like e.g. map matching, routing and map rendering. Moreover will use  its user base to participate in the living labs to contribute to SUNSET.
The Centre for Transport Studies is part of the Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT) of the UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE and is an Associate Member of The Netherlands Research School for Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TRAIL). The Centre for Transport Studies conducts research in the fields of strategic modelling of sustainable transportation systems, traffic management and monitoring, intelligent transportation systems and travel behaviour. The Centre for Transport Studies will use its expertise and skills in the design and deployment strategies of incentives and in living lab evaluation  to contribute to SUNSET.

ENSCHEDE is a city of 156,109 inhabitants, located in the province of Overijssel in the east of the Netherlands. The ENSCHEDE municipality has a strong ambition in mobility management in order to create a modal shift from the private car to more sustainable modes of transport. ENSCHEDE wants to achieve its ambitions using positive incentives to seduce people to more sustainable modes of transport.  ENSCHEDE will host the main living lab of the project and will actively involve its citizens in the SUNSET project.


ICT VIKTORIA logo_mediumsmallThe VIKTORIA Institute is a part of Swedish ICT Research and was founded in 1997 as an initiative of the local industry inWest Sweden. The main task is to do research and development in applied information technology in collaboration with the industry, the public sector, and universities. By collaborating closely with industry partners, VIKTORIA Institute seeks to develop user oriented and innovative services that are commercially well packaged from the very beginning. VIKTORIA has a long experience of applied research in the domain of emergency and crisis management. VIKTORIA institute will use its experience and skills in evaluation and business modeling studies to contribute to SUNSET.